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CH!PZ Songs won't downloaded

Waiting for reply
04-03-2020 10:14
I have Problems downloading the CH!PZ songs, if I click on the song the page that generates is empty maybe it has sth to do with the " ! " mark? Would be nice I really need 1001 Arabian Nights to feel joy in my life....
christophe - 13-03-2020 04:29
I wish we had songs of CH!PZ, but on this moment we do not have txt files only the group and songs are in our database.

I want to request a song and also got a basis of folders and all for it

Waiting for reply
10-02-2020 03:28
Heya I want "Toss a Coin to your Witcher" to be transcribed. I got the basis of it (folder and files) done already but I don't have the time to fully transcribe it with the correct vocals and positioning of the notes. Thus I'd love to share the work with someone. Since this website doesn't have a message-system yet please contact me on ***** (yes, with 3 "s")
christophe - 13-03-2020 04:29
I have send a email.

Music list order

05-01-2020 02:49
It would be much more usable to order the songs in the music list to alphabetic order of Artists. As you know, sometimes you cannot remember the exact title of a song, but you always know the Artists name. Thank you for all of your efforts!
christophe - 05-01-2020 10:59
Great advice, we gone add a option for that (maybe default)